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Mid-West Junk Yard Hammer

Built By Brian Rognholt

Another shock absorber hammer. Due to limited space Brian built his hammer with a dolly so that it could be easily moved.

Brian shortened the shock to fit the compact frame.
Brian calls this the MW-JYH (Mid-West Junk Yard Hammer). Although it doesn't look very junky, the motor, drive and frame parts only cost $35 at a machinery boneyard. The rest he bought retail for $75. The ram and anvil are built-up by arc welding 1/2 x 3-/12" bar stock (5 for the ram, 6 for the anvil).

The only design problem I saw was the counter weight on the back of the shaft. I pointed out the torsional vibration problem to Brian and he immediately realized what he had done and is going to change it.

This is a great example of what you can do for yourself with a small welder and minimal shop equipment. This machine has about the same materials and is less complex than most treadle hammers and is probably easier to build!

Technical Problems:

When in real opperation Brian found that his machine hit much TOO soft. Some of this is typical of a shock absorber hammer. Brian has since come back and made the anvil heavier and added a heavy base plate. He says it works much better and will send new photos soon.
This hammer has a very compact drive system using a slack belt clutch with front pulley drive.
This double reduction system produces 108 strokes per minute.
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