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Internet Privacy Policy

This document is supposed to be full of complicated legalese and weasely statements about how "we" use your data. I'm sick of it. Lets tell the truth.

IF you found us through facebook, google, or if you watch youtube, or visit any web site on the Internet that has google adsense ads, or have any kind of google account OR shop on any shopping cart, especially those owned by big corporations. . .


Google, Facebook, Amazon, Walmart. . . all track your web history and purchases. Do you have one of those grocery store "discount" cards on your key chain that you have scanned at the register? Do you use a debit or credit card for anything at a large chain? Once you use the discount card and then pay for the transaction by check or electronic means then the card ID and your purchasing history are linked to your name and address.

Your web searches, the sites you visit, the things you post, the things you buy are all collected by these big corporations. Then they create psychological and consumer profiles which they then buy sell and trade with each other often conglomerating all that information from every possible source. . . THEN they use this information to market things to you. They sell the information to credit reporting companies, lenders and possible employers. Its all nice and legal as you have given them permission through all those TOS (Terms Of Service) that you did not read and agreed to with a click of a key.

How WE use your information. All on-line payment gateways (Cardservice, paypal, ebay) send us your name, address, phone number and email address. These are necessary to process your order. All gateways including Paypal use cookies (a bit of data stored on your computer, phone or tablet) to help save and process your order. Turn off cookies and on-line checkout does not work.

WE do not have access to those cookies. We use the information sent to us to process your order and then forget it. We never trade, sell or give anyone your information (other than UPS or the Post Office to ship your order). We NEVER SPAM. We never ask if you want to be added to our "list". We do not have a list. We have been in the web business for over 20 years and have NEVER sent out an unsolicited bulk mailing, not even to customers.

THIS is the truth.

    - Jock Dempsey, anvilfire guru, owner. operator, programmer, chief-cook and bottle washer.

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