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A current differentiation that may changed, added to or removed in the future.


Location or page where your item will be displayed. Please use the most appropriate category. New categories will be added as the quantity and type of listings demand.

Item Name

This should be short and clear. Details go in the description area.
The item name is appended to the email link for buyer and seller convenience.

Asking Price

This can be firm (nonnegotiable) or a starting point. OBO stands for "Or Best Offer". Use a dollar sign if price is in U.S. Dollars, Follow by your local currency if that is preferred.

Please do not include text more than "OBO" or currency abbreviations (USD, GBP, CDN, MXN. . .). Terms such as "negotiable" or "cash only" go into your description as part of your terms.


Make this as verbose as needed. Note that this is a plain text HTML field. Spaces, tabs and other text formatting other than carriage returns do not work. If you try to embed HTML everything between the tags will be removed by our filters.

LOCATION: Be sure to include you location (city, state or province and country). The Internet is international, your listings will be seen world wide. You may want to indicate if you are willing to ship internationally or not.

PLEASE proof your listing. You cannot edit it after pressing the SUBMIT button. We highly recommend using FireFox due to its built in spell check.

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This is required on this system.

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This will be encrypted by our system and is not harvestable by spam bots. However, addresses can be obtained manually one at a time. Nothing is perfect.

We never spam and we never sell, trade or give away your e-mail address.

Image (Registered users only)

The IMAGE URL needs to point to an image that belongs to you and is hosted on a server you have permission to link to. Most image hosting sites permit this. Be sure to link to a JPEG image with the extension ".jpg".

Please do not link to images over 640 pixels in width or height. Too many on a page will overload the users browser. The image can be clicked on to see full size.

Always paste your links into a browser and test to be sure they work.

Link URL (Registered users only)

You may use this to link to another page with details and more photos of your item.

Always paste your links into a browser and test to be sure they work.

This hot link feature is a convenience for the users of this service. Advertisements and links to pages outside the scope of this page, or advertising unrelated to the item listed will be cause to remove the listing. SPAM links will not be tolerated.

Contact us about advertising if your business is selling on the Internet.

Link Text (Registered users only)

This is the visible link title. Your URL will automatically be used if this is left blank. Please use a short descriptive title, especially if you have pasted in a long URL.

eBay links should use the item number as the link text for simplicity. In the event the link URL is incorrect the user can use it to find your item on eBay.


At this time fees are voluntary and can be submitted via our on-line store. Our listing fees are a small fraction of ebay's. Previous CSI members, those making donations or paying fees of $25 or more, will be registered to use the system. This is required to post images and links to outside pages.
Listings last 1 month minimum. Suggested Fees:

These are introductory fees and may change as the Tailgate system is improved. Fees and donations go to helping keep the system maintained and anvilfire on-line.

Fees and Membership Form

User Classes

Unregistered users may post plain text no frill listings (fees still apply)

Registered users may post a link to an image that displays as a thumbnail and zooms to full size (see examples) and a hot link to an outside page such as:

Please avoid linking to sites with pop ups and other bad behavior.

Fees and Membership Form


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If you manually or automatically clear your cookies they will refresh when you use this form or log in as a member.


Our forms and many parts of anvilfire fo not work without Javascript. Javascript is a programming language that is internal to every web browser and required by most web sites that have interactivity.

The Future

This is a preliminary system built on primitive software requiring manual maintenance and has few features. Our "system in development" will allow seller editing of listings, buyer calculating of UPS fees, automated PayPal buttons, automated registration and collection of fees and more . . .

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