HIAB 710-1 Crane $3000 OBO

3240 pounds at 17 feet, 8820 at 6 feet

Width parked, 95"

This is a truck crane modified to use on a rail system. It can easily have the rail system under carriage removed and the crane mounted on a truck. It does not have outriggers. Crane fits in an 8 foot by 2 foot space next to the cab as seen on many trucks.

This crane has its own power unit (947 hrs) but could also have the hydraulic pump operated by a PTO. The power unit would allow stationary or trailer use. This unit also has a remote pendant operator.

This unit was one of several that were operating about 2 years ago. It needs minor repairs (a hydraulic hose and fuel line) best as I know but give no guarantees.

I have $3000 invested in this machine and would like to break even.

Location Petersburg, VA
A loading fee may apply.

Call 336-367-3499, or Contact by email

Please, no technical questions. If it is not above or in the PDF I cannot help.

HIAB 710 operators.pdf