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Hand Forging by Thomas F. Googerty

EMBOSSED WORK, p.139, fuller, tool steel, hole, punched, wooden handle, rounding, modeling, rosette, slate pencil, Fig. 88, Modeling a Bulb, drawing, sinking-tool, sink, helper, strikes, hand hammer, metal
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EMBOSSED WORK p.139 fuller, made from a piece of tool steel, and with a hole punched for a wooden handle. The bottom part is filed rounding, without any sharp corners. It should fit freely into the sink in the lower tool. In modeling the rosette, straight lines are drawn with a slate pencil on the surface of the plate as Fig. 88. Modeling a Bulb shown in the drawing. The plate is then set onto the sinking-tool with the slate-pencil lines up and directly over the sink. The top tool is set onto a line, starting at the outer edge. A helper strikes the tool with a hand hammer, forcing the metal into the sink, and at the same time the plate is moved toward the center. Each line is sunk in this manner. The lines may also be sunk with the modeling-hammer by hammering them into the

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