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Hand Forging by Thomas F. Googerty

p.142, HAND FORGING, Fig. 90, Acanthus, Leaf, Modeled, Pattern, ornament, rivets, brazed, Welding, Fig. 89, hammered, foliage, artistic, intelligence, ingenuity
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p.142 HAND - FORGING Fig. 90. The Acanthus Leaf as Modeled and Also as It Appears in the Pattern Acanthus Leaf.—The acanthus leaf is generally modeled from sheet metal about No. 20 or up to £ in. in thickness. After it is modeled it is welded to the bar it is to ornament. It may also be fastened in position with rivets, or brazed. Welding, however, makes the most effective job, although it is sometimes difficult. The essential parts of the acanthus leaf are shown in Fig. 89. The execution of hammered foliage from sheet metal requires artistic intelligence, ingenuity and

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