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Hand Forging by Thomas F. Googerty

EMBOSSED WORK, p.155, hammer, shape, iron block, candlestick, Fig. 103, punch, Fig. 102, pattern, Fig. 101, Fig. 104, round-head, rivets, elliptical
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EMBOSSED WORK p.155 hammer the shape into an iron block while hot; then heat the plate and hammer the metal into shape. The projections at the corners of base on the candlestick shown in Fig. 103 were bumped into a shape made in an iron block. A hole was first drilled into the block; it was then heated and a punch of the proper shape driven into the hole. The candlestick base was heated and the corner hammered into the hole. A candlestick and two match-receivers are Fig. 102. Pattern of Raised Form C in Fig. 101 shown in Fig. 104. The square match-receiver is fastened on the corners with No. 12 round-head rivets. It is riveted to the base. The stock is No. 20 soft steel. The elliptical receiver is made by

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