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Hand Forging by Thomas F. Googerty

p.158, HAND FORGING, finish, rusting, burn oil, ironwork, black heat, fire, linseed, oil, rag, Machine oil, polished, clean cloth, weather, black, paint, asphaltum
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158 HAND - FORGING such. About the best treatment it can receive in the way of a finish to keep it from rusting is to burn oil on it. If the piece is a large one the different parts may be treated before they are fastened in position. In burning oil on ironwork the piece is held over the fire until a black heat is reached—it must not be a red one. It is then taken out of the fire, allowed to cool a little, and linseed oil is rubbed over it with a rag. The oil must be put on thick enough so that the heat from the piece will not burn it. The piece is then dried with a clean cloth and allowed to cool. To clean ironwork after it has been in use for some time the piece is carefully dusted, and then it is gone over with a rag and thin oil. Machine oil is good. It is then dried and polished with a clean cloth. Ironwork that is exposed to the weather must have a coating of some kind in order to exclude the moisture and keep it from rusting. The color should be black, and either paint or asphaltum may be used.

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