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Hand Forging by Thomas F. Googerty

CHAPTER XI, DOOR PLATES, Fig. 113, plates, outside door, escutcheon plate, lock, electric-bell, plate, corner-hinge, center-hinge, round-head screws, bronze, brass, hinge, casing, handle, Fig. 114, dimensions, paper pattern, slate pencil, p.171
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CHAPTER XI DOOR-PLATES IN Fig. 113 is shown a set of plates for an outside door. The set consists of an escutcheon plate, which holds the lock, an electric-bell plate, two corner-hinge plates and a center-hinge plate. The plates are to be fastened with round-head screws. The escutcheon plate on the inside of the door may be bronze or brass. In making a set of plates the thickness of the door must be known, so that the latch may be made the proper length; also whether the door swings to the right or left, so that the handle on the escutcheon may be bent toward the hinge side of the door. This will give more room between the casing and handle, and the door can be opened more readily. Fig. 114 shows the drawings and the dimensions for these plates. The lock used is an ordinary front-door lock. To construct these plates they are first cut to dimensions. The corner plates may be cut from a sheet 10 in. wide, and when all are cut they are ground and filed on the edge. A paper pattern is made for the leaf ends of plates, and this pattern is held on the edge of the plates, marking around it with a slate pencil. The pencil p.171

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