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Hand Forging by Thomas F. Googerty

grille, oblong, design, repeat, side, center line, design, emphasize, boundary, Fig. 1, distribution, lines, balance, masses, interior, repetition, linear, ornament, geometrical, figures, circle, oval, spiral, scrollwork, circle
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20 HAND- FORGING must be taken into consideration. If the grille is oblong, the design may repeat itself on each side of a center line. The leading lines of the design may then start from this center, and their direction should emphasize the lines of its bound- Fig. 1. Grille ary. These lines are the first to be planned and placed into position; next the secondary lines are planned. These should also be influenced in their direction by the main lines. Another point to take into consideration is the distribution of lines, that there may be a regulated balance between the lines and masses into which they divide. (See Fig. 1, an interior grille which represents repetition, contrast and variety.) A little study of linear ornament and such geometrical figures as the circle, oval and spiral will be of assistance to the worker in designing this class of scrollwork. The circle in itself has not the interest that the oval or the spiral has, owing to its curve being the same through its entire length, while the oval and spiral have a constant change

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