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Hand Forging by Thomas F. Googerty

HAND, FORGING, horn, striking, hammer, ring, welding, Eye Weld, chisel-shape, anvil, heat
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72 HAND-FORGING the horn by striking it with the hammer, as explained in ring welding and shown by the arrow atC. 4 - Fig. 42. First Steps in Making an Eye Weld Fig. 41 shows a welded eye made from flat stock. The method here is to heat the bar and split the end for 2 in. (See Fig. 42 at A.) The outside prongs are cut shorter and drawn chisel-shape. A shoulder is hammered 4 in. from the end of splits, as shown °on drawing. The entire piece is now heated and formed as at B. It is then hammered around the horn of the anvil and the prongs or laps fitted as shown in Fig. 43. A heat is raised and the heavy prong welded first; at the same time the outside ones are hammered, welding them around the eye; the shank is swaged to size, and when the forging is finished it will appear solid.

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