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Hand Forging by Thomas F. Googerty

LINKS, CHAINS, Ornamental, lanterns, electroliers, welded, brazed, butted, rectangular, Square stock, twisted, link, hammering, hardwood, vise, butted, center punch, Eye Weld, horn, anvil, heated, turned, right angles
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LINKS AND CHAINS 73 Chains.—Ornamental and plain chains are much used to hang lanterns and electroliers. The links may be welded, brazed, and oftentimes with their ends butted together. The stock may be round or rectangular. Square stock may be twisted. In that case the length of link is first found and cut off, and then heated and formed by hammering over a piece of hardwood which is fastened in a vise. Twisted links should be made quite long and not welded, the ends being butted together and brazed. Links from round stock may be made by first finding the center of the bar that is to be the link and marking it with a center punch. One-half Fig. 43. Fitting the Prongs in an Eye Weld of the bar is heated and a round eye turned by hammering it over the horn of the anvil. The other half of the bar is heated and an eye turned so that when finished it will be at right angles

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