CHAPTER Click chapter, title or page number PAGE
I.   Introductory 3
II.   Tools 5
III.   How to Make a Copper Bowl 19
IV.   Copper Trays 26
V.   Paper Cutter and Nut Set 34
VI.   Hard and Soft Soldering 41
VII.   Candlestick, Sconce, Rose Jar, and Chalice 47
VIII.   How to Make a Hat Pin 64
IX.   How to Rivet 73
X.   Lamp (for Electricity), with Shade 92
XI.   Hinges in Copper or Silver 100
XII.   Jewel Box and Desk Set 107
XIII.   Finger Bowl, Crumb Tray. Tea Caddy, Vase, Bell and Bracket, Drawer Pulls, etc 133
XIV.   Finger Rings and Scarf Pins 151
XV.   Necklaces, Brooch's, Bracelets 166
XVI.   Spoons and Picture Frame 178
XVII.   Watch Fobs 187
XVIII.   Napkin Rings, Silver Comb, Belt Buckles 191
XIX.   Enameling 197
XX.   Blacksmithing and Tools 215
XXI.   First Problems in Forging 233
XXIII.   Mild Steel or Soft Steel 264
XXIV.   Hardening and Tempering. Toolmaking 289
XXV.   How to Harden, Soften and Stretch Steel 307
XXVI.   Forging Hand Hammers 316
XXVII.   Some General Forging Problems 327
XXVIII.   Process, Andirons, Fire Tools 361
XXIX.   Candlesticks, Hinges, Iron Brackets 380
XXX.   Lamps, Lanterns, Iron Kettle Stand, Umbrella Stand 396
XXXI.   Door Knockers, Plates, Handles, etc. 410


Even a Boy Can Learn to Make a Horseshoe Fronticepiece
Color Title Page Title
A Boy's Workshop 13-b
Group of Boys at Copper Work 65-b
Some Problems in Copper and Brass Work Made by Boys 141-b
Boys from Eleven to Fourteen Years of Age Doing Metal Work in the Country 193-b
Splitting and Shaping the Iron in Making of Andirons 361-b
Finishing of an Ornamental Window Grill, and Leveling up of an Old Dutch Candlestick 388-b
Making and Iron Lamp 395-b
Ornamental Work and the Straightening and Finishing of an Umbrella Stand 407-b

NOTE: The publisher listed the above as "the illustrations" but should have used the term "plates". This book has hundreds of ink drawings spread throughout. The list above has only the full page glossy plates.

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