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Edition 41 - Page 1 of  1 September 30, 2008
SOFA 2008 Quadstate Roundup

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Thermite Welding Railroad Rail by Railtech Boutet Thermite Welding was the demo that brought over 850 attendees to Quadstate this year. A high percentage attended the demonstration by Railtech Boutet.

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Forged leaves from angle iron Jack Brubaker demonstrated bending and shaping pipe, making leaves from angle iron and finishes.
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Viking Age Iron Smelting Canadians came to make iron and they did!

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Lorelei Sims Teaches Basic Classes

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Page 2   Thermite Welding RR-Rail
Page 12   Finished Thermite Weld
Page 13   Jack Brubaker, Pipe and Angle
Page 16   Making Wrought Iron
Page 18   THE BLOOM!
Page 19   Iron Smelt CD Order Info
Page 20   Lorelei Sims
Page 21   Sights Tailgating
Page 22   ANviL and hAmmeR HeaDs
Page 23   Odds n' Ends
Page 23   Commentaries, Additions
Page 24   Fire at Peter Buchanan's
Page 25   Chinese Blacksmith, Earthquake

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Cover The Revolutionary Blacksmith The Revolutionary Blacksmith
The historical fiction blacksmith romance by Jim Paw-Paw Wilson is now in print.

Book Review
ABANA picks conference location
After a contentious couple years since ABANA's president Clare Yellin announced there would be no 2008 conference because the ABANA board did not know how to organize a conference. An ABANA board member told us that there WILL BE a 2010 ABANA convention in Memphis, TN. This will likely be on Mud Island.

This year would have normally been a conference year and every group with clout has been trying to outdo the others and claim the prize. BAM did an excellent job but SOFA had the momemntum, the location and the people.
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Bronze Blacksmith Statue, Dujiangyan Sichuan Chinese Blacksmith Statue, Earthquake
Photos and an appeal from Phillip Greening-Jackson Page 25 

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September 30, 2008
SOFA Quadstate 2008 EDITION
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