"From the iron age to the space age, the blacksmith did it"
Bill Miller Quote provided by Carl S.

Previously planned as a book, Blacksmithing in the 21st Century is being presented here as an on-line dynamic reference taking advantage of hot links and todays new electronic publishing medium. The contents will include over a years worth of frequently asked questions (FAQ's) the author has answered on other blacksmiths forums, articles written for the Blacksmith's Gazette and chapters on modern blacksmithing written for the book. Have you read our DISCLAIMER? Please do so before going any further.

An odd mix of FAQ's and Articles

Stories moved to Story Page

The Armor Series is now the Anvilfire Armoury

Chapter 13 Corrosion and its prevention, A chapter from the book.

Galvanic Series Factors in Corrosion

ALPHABET SOUP All those abbreviations of processes and organizations we should know. Updated with dozens of new entries and links to organizations

NEW! FAQs from the guru page


  • Anvil types Discussion of various general type and construction.
  • Anvils - Low cost. Making a low cost 113 pound anvil.
  • Anvils - Buying used. Buying a used anvil, judging the quality, weld repairs.
  • Anvils - Repairs. Quality of anvils, anvil repairs, how and should you?
  • Anvils - Corner Grinding. Explicit instructions.
  • Anvils - Testing Rebound. Testing the hardnes, ie, quality of an anvil.
    An anvilfire! first The Steel Ball test and test data.
  • Anvils - Weights. Various markings and how-to decypher the English system.
  • Cast Steel vs. Forged Anvils The quality of cast anvils, by Russell Jaqua.
  • Anvil, MAKE Piecing together an anvil from heavy steel plate.

    Bellows, Great Great Bellows built by the author in 1977.

    Benders 1  Updated! Common benders for use in the blacksmith shop.

    Benders 2  More benders including the DiAcro and the Hossfeld.

    BORAX  Information about borax.

    Clamp, PawPaw's Anvil hold down clamp by Jim "PawPaw" Wilson

    Clapper die 001 A clapper die for making grapes/cherrys. Here it is Rick!

    Finishing for Outdoors  Why paint? See Chapter 13 Corrosion.

    Forge 10 min.  The Famous 10 Minute Gas Forge!

    Forge - Lever A 1915 Sears Roebuck lever action forge.

    NEW! Forge, Micro Micro Forge built from a single brick!

    Forge - My first The guru's first forge, built from real junk about 1972-3.

    Gas Forge Q&A Robert Bastow asks. . . the Guru answers

    GAS FACTS Everything you wanted to know about fuel gases

    Heat Treating FAQs  Heat Treating hardening and tempering FAQs from the guru page

    Hydraulic Press  Made to blank out 2-1/2" and 3" diameter 16ga steel parts with 20 Ton jack.

    JUST DO IT? Editorial on flippant advise.

    Knives01 General heat treating Questions and Answers.

    LaGrange Hoho  The "water pail" forge, a process from the 1800's

    Latch  A "Norfolk" latch made of 304 stainless steel. No finish needed!

    Learning Blacksmithing About blacksmithing and an outline for a self study course in Blacksmithing (how to start).

    LITTLE GIANT Specs Little Giant Specifications and prices for all models in 1976

    LITTLE GIANT Motors Little Giant Motor selection graph (reverse engineering)

    LITTLE GIANT Images Little Giant and Meyer Brothers hammer images and commentary.


    • CONES1  How to layout cones.

    • OVALS  Parameters for using the pin and string method to layout ovals or ellipses.

    • Punching Steel  Hole punching force chart and calculator

    • Riveting Force  Press riveting of steel rivets

    • MASS3j Mass and Volume calculator with materials densities lists.

    Polish X  Most common buffing and polishing errors.

    Portable Forge  The ultimate portable blacksmith shop!


    Post Drills, Hand crank drill presses Old engravings, photos by the author and commentary.

    SPIRAL STAIRWAYS  Commentary on the design, construction and quoting on wrought iron spiral stairs.

    STEEL CHART  Junk Yard Steel, A chart published by North Texas Blacksmiths Association and compiled by David Wilson. Reproduced here with permission of the author.

    Temper Colors Standard temper color names text plus HTML color with Fahrenheit and Celsius.

    Tongs01  The "Dempsey Twist" easy method of making tongs.

    Twister  A device for letting kids twist HOT METAL! For Paw Paw's grand kids!

    Radius Grinding Grinding welds to a uniform radius.

    Wearing out Anvils Yes, Robert, Anvils Do Wear Out! Response to a disbeliever.

    Wheels! Grinding and polishing (briefly)

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