Cover The Revolutionary Blacksmith Jim Paw-Paw Wilson

The Revolutionary Blacksmith

Illustrated by Jock Dempsey and Walt Sherill

Historical fiction set during the American revolution.
Books I and II combined

Softcover, 237 Pages, 88 B&W drawings, size 5 x 7 inches
Click for Enlargment REVIEW  by Jim Gerlinsky

I really have enjoyed reading the serialized version of Jim Wilson's The Revolutionary Blacksmith. Unfortunately I really don't think this author's first novel will ever reach it's deserved spot on the New York Times best seller list. This work of love is about love, and starts like all good stories do, with the finding of a treasure chest in the attic of an old house. And what a treasure chest it is, old blacksmith tools, a small anvil, some iron flowers, and the most important treasure of all, old handwritten journals.

The Revolutionary Blacksmith's tale starts with the first page of the diary of Will Dunagen. Will Dunagen, an apprentice in the pre revolution blacksmith shop of Master Smith, Johan Reuter Schmidt. Now here is where I as a Canadian was hooked on this story. There is none of the TAB or "Hollywoodization" that is usually associated with story's of the American revolution. Nobody is made out to be a huge evil monster. It is simply the story of people. The people who made the hinges, and nails, and horseshoes, and lengths of chain that hold life together.

The description of the smithing scenes are wonderful, along with the detail to mundane life. I had tears in my eyes when I read about one of the characters passing, I lost a friend when that character died. I also get the feeling that Paw-Paw is also using The Revolutionary Blacksmith to work out some of his own experiences, some of the details are just too clear. And I would like to thank Paw-Paw for taking the time to not only work out a few issues and turn them in to a love story, but for also sharing them with us.

Congratulations on the launch of your book Paw-Paw.

Now, for the rest of us, lets get this on the Times best seller list, and into the hands of people where it belongs. (Any one done any smithing for anyone on the Oprah show...................?)

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Jim Gerlinsky is a blacksmith residing in Wilkie, Saskatchewan, Canada. He has been a regular contributor to the anvilfire story page and is a member of CSI.   Jim's website is at www.chokecherryforge

Published by: Jim Paw-Paw Wilson
Paw-Paw's Forge
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