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Volume 27 - Page 5 of 14 September 11, 2002
Summer's End 2002
Epps Hammer-In, Mesquite, TX
Leah Fuller and Leah "Pinky" Fuller and her husband Steve.   In this case the tables are turned and the husband is dragged around to sit next to fires on hot summer days and and put up with his spouse's need for big dirty machines. . .

Leah hauled a complete set of equipment to be used by others at the hammer-in.   All her tools and equipment is marked with pink paint.   This started out as a joke where she works and now she proudly marks all her tools with pink paint.  Except for ONE.

Leah and Paw-Paw Leah and Paw-Paw discussing the world's problems or how to load Bills Sahindler on her trailer. . .

The one tool she will not paint pink is her anvil.

She says she respects her anvil too much to have a "pink Peddinghaus".   We kept threatening to paint is while she wasn't looking. . . and it rhymes so nicely!

Mailbox stand by Bill Epps.
Universal Double Twist Tool Universal Double Twist Tool

Bryan Black brought this cute little tool to demonstrate.

It is made of two small adjustable wrenches and two lengths of threaded rods and nuts.   The spacing can be adjusted with the threaded rod and the bar size with the wrenches.
Universal Double Twist Tool being demonstrated by Bryan Black.

A piece of hot steel is put in the tool and a third adjustable wrench is used to make two identical but oposite hand twists in one motion.

In this case the 1/4" square rod is being used to make toasting forks and stake turners.
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