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Volume 27 - Page 6 of 14 September 11, 2002
Summer's End 2002
Saturday Lunch
We were the last of the 100 plus folks that showed up and there was still food! Sharon had fretted for weeks over how many folks would show up!   Sharon enlisted the help of her mother and sister. Thanks folks!

That is "ZIP" in the orange and blue. A "pubber" and future blacksmith. Young lady in center is Sharon Gamel from Shreveport, LA. On Sunday she got to play blacksmith for the first time.
Sharon Gabbing Sharon Epps (left) talking to her sister Linda Mooney.
Mills, Jim Carothers and Paw-Paw Larry Mills, Jim Carothers and Paw-Paw at breakfast at the hotel.

These are just a few of the CSI members and "pubbers" we met while in Texas.   Many are folks that we have had many "conversations" with but have never met.
Larry Mills and below, his demo rose. Russian Rose
Russian Rose for iForge Demo
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