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Edition 39 - Page 7 of 12 August 18, 2005
Power Hammer School
August 2005 with Uri Hofi
Preventing Fish Mouth and cold shuts.

Hofi explained the reason for fish mouth which results in cold shuts when forging points. If you start at the point or too close to the end a fish mouth will occurr every time. But if you start your taper at least one height or diameter back from the point it will never happen. .
Genie Rich of BRBAVA
Genie Rich of BRBAVA talking to Hofi during a break. Hofi took time to talk with the individual students.

LEFT: Genie Rich forging on Big BLU. Genie is Vice President and legal counsul for the newly formed Blue Ridge Blacksmiths Association of Virginia

After the Saturday evening meal a demo is put on by the instructor or one of the students. This session's demonstrator was return student Benard Pelletier. Benard a French Canadian now living in North Carolina is one of the worlds top remedial farriers having developed methods for curring founder.

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