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Patrick Pelgroms' Self Contained JYH - Belgium      VIDEO!
Patrick Pelgroms' Self Contained JYH : Ram weight 15 kg 180 hits/min. Patrick was lucky enough, or persistent enough to find some heavy steel for his anvil and plenty of structural steel for the hammer frame. While the rust makes this look like a roughly built machine it is actually very well built. The parts are carefully aligned and all the cylinder studs carefully cut to the same length and chamfered. A custom piston was also machined for this project.

The plastic drink bottle is a temporary oil trap and exhaust muffler.

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Page 3 Operating Diagram
The fly wheel is a cast iron wheel from a lifter.
The cylinders, one is recovered from an excavator, the other is new.
You can buy this steel hydraulic tube (G6) per meter, 50 Euro for 0.5 meter.
The working cylinder has an air buffer (safety cushion) on top, the in/outlet is on the side of the cylinder, this one will be closed by the cylinder head.
On top off the piston (h6) is a steel ring (outer ring off ball bearing) who'll close the in/outlet.
The working piston can't hit its head against the flange, so I've unlimited work space under my hammer.
The end covers, you can buy them as a welding flange for great iron tubes.
The pistons are made on a lathe.
The piston ring, are used rings from an air compressor.
The valves are made from ordinary plumbing materials.

Diameter working cylinder 100mm
Diameter compressor cylinder 110mm
Shaft of the hammer 60mm, length ~450mm
Crank 210mm
Motor 1500w (2HP)
ABOUT Self Contained Hammers: A self contained hammer is an air hammer that includes its own air compressor. But it is more than that.

The two cylinders (the compressor and the power cylinder) are coupled together so that the ram operates at the same frequency as the compressor. This has advantages and disadvantages. Some people like the steady rhythm, but others like the fact that a standard air hammer speeds up when more air is applied.

Air must be taken in an exhausted continuously so that the machine does not overheat. Both cylinders must be lubricated and there is more oil mist in the exhaust than in other hammers. Like other hammers there must also be speed reduction from the motor.

COMMENTS: Self contained hammers are not a project for everyone. Besides the obvious plumbing there is almost always some machining involved. There is also the general complexity of building both an air compressor and a power hammer in one machine.
- guru
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