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International Ceramics Products

Canadian Blower and Forge

With Buffalo Culter-Hammer Control

Fabricated forge
Fabracated Forge
While the hood on this forge probably does a fair job it will be much smokier than a good side draft and makes the forge difficualt to access from the sides. A hole was cut in the back for long work.

With the sides of the forge open there should be cut-aways for long work to pass across the fire pot deep enough to be in the prime heat zone (above the oxidizing zone).

Photos from Cameron Zuber.

Ccastiron firepot
This firepot is in poor shape from being over heated, probably from an unattended fire OR trying to heat work that was improperly located too high above the fire.
NOTE cutaways in the sides of the firepot. The sides of the forge should have matching cutaways on at least one axis to match.

Screen covered Intake
Intake side of blower with screen to keep out insects and rodents.

Canadian Blower with Motor
Factory Motor

MOtor and Forge Blower on Base
Motor and Blower on base. Similar to U.S. made forges.

Universal Motoer Spec Plate
Universal Moter Spec Plate.

Cutler Hammer Control - Possibly original for this forge.
These are a classic and date from the late 1800's Many still function.

Buffalo Forge - Cutler Hammer Control ID Plate.

Round Firepot
Round Firepot

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