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Blacksmithing and metalworking questions answered. eBooks

On-line copies of long out of print and rare books

Collection of ancient blacksmithing, metalworking and locksmithing books - Online eBooks
This is a new anvilfire section separate from our Stories and Book Reviews. For many years we have been collecting old out of print books and have decided to make those that we can available. PDF versions of these eBooks will be made available for download in the future.
Chubb Locks and Keys Cover - Online eBook

Written by John Chubb, 1850, 36 pages. 10 ilustrations.

A primary resource of the history of Locksmithing. Written as an engineering society report by the leading manufacturer. Includes an added HTML Table of Contents.

Hand Forgeing and Wrought Iron cover  - Online eBook

Written by Thomas F. Googerty, Popular Mechanics Company. Copyright 1911, 197 pages. 122 ilustrations.

One of the earliest text books on blacksmithing. Written by a artist blacksmith instructor it has a clarity not found in many books. Includes an HTML Table of Contents, illustration index as well as alphabetical index.

Work and Play - Working in Metals  - Online eBook

Written by Charles Conrad Sleffel, Doubleday, Page and Company. Copyright 1911, 429 pages. Well ilustrated.

One of the best out of print books on blacksmithing and non-ferrous metalwork. Hundreds of illustrated projects. Now exclusively on

Nasmyth Biography  - Online eBook Cover photo by Jock Dempsey

Edited by Samuel Smiles, Copyright 1883,

One of the earliest on-line texts. Hosted on since 2001. The life and times of one of the most prolific British inventors of the Industrial Revolution. Inventor of the Shaper, Steam Power Hammer, Lathe Reversing Mechanism, and many other machines and devices still in use today.

More Coming! As these time permits we will add avaialable books and catalogs on Blacksmithing, Locksmithing, Machine Work and related subjects. IF you have a possible title to conver to an eBook let us know. We will see if we can obtain it.

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