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Working in Metals by Charles C. Sleffel

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Learning metalworking, metalcraft. Metal trade education. Hobbysmith.
Table of Contents, Introduction, Tools, Work in Copper. Copper Trays, Papper Cutter, Nut Set, Hard soldering, Soft soldering, Candlestick, Csonce, Rose, Chalice, How-to, Hat Pin, How to Rivet, Electric Lamp with Shade, hinges in Copper, hinges in silver, Jewel Box, Finger Bowl, Crumb Tray, Tea Caddy, Vase, Bell, Bracket, Drawer Pulls, Finger Rings, Scarf Pins, Necklace, Brooch, Bracelet, Spoon, Frame, Watch Fobs, Napkin Rings, Silver Comb, Belt Buckles and Enameling. THE BLACKSMITHIS SHOP, Blacksmithing tools, Forging, Welding, Mild steel or soft steel, Hardening or Tempering, Toolmaking, Harden, Soften Steel, Forging Hand Hammers, Andirons, Fire Tools, Candlesticks, Hinges, Iron Brackets, Lamps, Lanterns, Iron Kettles, Umbrella Stand, Door Knockers, Plates, Handles. Illustrations, Even a Boy can Learn to Make a Horseshoe.

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