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Anvils in America - THE anvil book.

Blacksmithing and metalworking questions answered.


Copyright © 1999 Jim Wilson,

The NC Whisper Momma comes packed complete in a heavy card board box.

Photo by Jim Wilson

The Forge is assembled, but none of the accessories are attached. This makes for smaller packing and cheaper shipping. The parts are easily identifiable, the instructions are clear. Safety is emphasized in the instructions as indeed it should be. This is Propane gas folks! It not only burns, it also explodes if you don't handle it correctly. The instructions, if followed, will make sure that you handle it correctly. The entire assembly could be done with two 8" adjustable wrenches. I used regular wrenches.

The manufacturer sends EVERYTHING you need, (except tools) including a full roll of Teflon tape to seal the fittings.

Total assembly time? 30 minutes from open the box to light the fire.

Well OK, it goes together nicely. Could a total novice do it? Yes, if the novice can read and follow instructions.

Does it work?

You'd better BELIEVE it works! First test (more testing later) a piece of 7/16" HRS square stock. From ambient air Temperature of 68 to white hot in 2 minutes!

It may not be traditional, but darn it's nice! All the welds are neat, everything is painted, there are no drips or runs in the paint job. The interior is well assembled and tight. The burner fit snugly into the top and bolts down securely. The Quick Light ignitor works smoothly.

A darn good buy for the money!

Stand and cylinder not included

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