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X1 Power Hammer Testing - Short Stroke

X1 Power Hammer running at short stroke (3.2" next to the lowest power) setting.

At the beginning of the video I am running the hammer just fast enough that the dies are not striking or just barely tapping so that you can watch the spring and toggle action. The piece of stock being forged is 1" (25mm) square. This large stock would forge better at the long stroke setting (4.5").

At the long stroke setting the hammer hits much harder but is also a little harder to control. There are four stroke settings. The shortest is suitable for smaller stock and detail forging, the longest for heavy forging. We have only forged with the machine for a few minutes so we are stilling learning the machine.

This is a 110 pound (50kg) hammer with a small foot print running without being bolted down - thus the rocking back and forth. More video coming in a few weeks . . .

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