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Богдан Попов   наковальня

Russian Popov anvil

Russian Stake Anvil

Manufactured by Bogdan Popov (Богдан  Попов), Kiev, Ukraine. This little anvil would be classed a DIY or user made anvil except that Brogan has cast a number of these for other smiths.

The anvil was developed upon researching ancient European patterns and applying my own 20 + years experience of hand forging. This is extremely precise instrument especially for blade smiting and forge welding. The main features are:

  • Convex working surface (magic!)
  • Low weight (27 kg) which means less resources spent and less pollution produced per unit, low cost and easy transportation.
  • High perfomance compared to much heavier anvils due to proper full size working surface
    (15 X 12 cm) and specific fit inside the slotted stump.
  • Silent because of sitting inside the hole in the stump.
  • Special egg-like cross section of the horn which creates additional opportunities.
They were cast by the burnt out models (foam polystyrol investments) I made by hand. The material used is alloy steel. The anvil is then annealed to refine the grain. Then I hot hammered the working surface to form the proper texture and hand-filed to provide the very smooth convex surface. Finally I zone hardened it and tempered with the top surface only made hard and the bottom of the anvil left soft to prevent vibration and sound.

The anvil is set in an ancient way inside a slot made in a wooden stump which is then buried in a box filled with earth and wedged between walls. The anvil stump is made out of oak wood, slotted by hand-chisel and bound with hand forged iron bands and hand-forged nails to prevent cracking.

Two views of the mounted stake anvil

Physical parameters of the anvil:

  • Working surface: 12 X 15 cm (5.9" x 4.72")
  • Height: 24 cm (9.5")
  • Horn length: 18 cm (7")
  • Weight: 27 kg (60 pounds)
  • Surface hardness: 58-60 HRC

Brogan Popov Blacksmith Bogdan's web site (Russian).
It translates well using google translate.

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