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FULTON Cast Steel Anvil made for Sears Roebuck and Co


FULTON Anvil made for Sears Roebuck and Co. in the 1920's,

Photos from Peter Buchanon and Steve Prillwitz, Matchless Antiques.

This farriers' anvil was made for Sears some time in the 1920's. It is solid cast steel.

The bold cast in logo on this anvil is hard to miss. It takes some advantage of the casting process which I have commented on many times that makers usually take NO advantage of a process that can be used to produce a much more stylish or decorated product than the usual hand forging.

This is a brand that you do not often see in the Eastern States. Peter said it was the only one he had ever seen and then he took it to a sale and the guy setup nect to him had one very close to the same size! Every tool has a story or two. . .

SIZE: 90 pounds
LOGO: FULTON in all caps raised letters

"FULTON" was a Sears & Robuck Trademark. Sears offered a Cast Steel anvil with the name FULTON on it between 1920-1923. The anvil was named after the street that ran in front of Sears main offices in Chicago, Illinois. Because Sears only sold these anvils for a short time, they are relitively scarce. Sears only sold the Fulton anvil, they did not manufacture it. It is now known that Fulton anvils were made by The Columbian Hardware Company, of Cleveland, Ohio, that sold Columbian anvils.

Matchless Antiques

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