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Anvils in America, THE book about anvils

The Greenwood Anvil Collection - Title Image with 15 blacksmiths anvils

No.1 - S & H Amboß (anvil)

South German Anvil from 1903

No. 1 Söding & Halbach South German Anvil, 1903

From the Josh Greenwood Collection.

This is a beautiful anvil with a long waist supporting a high proportion of the long face. Being a forged anvil this size makes it quite rare. The collection also includes a No.5 which weighs 512 pounds (232 kg) that is the same pattern. This gives an idea of the size range and steps these anvils were made in.

Anvil Markings

This anvil was made by Söding & Halbach, Hagen, West Falen, Germany. The company was established in 1783 by Yohan Casper Söding (Soeding). Söding joined with Halbach in 1860 to form S & H anvils.

  • Marks : S (circle) H, 1903, No.1, 332.5 Ko
    In circle ( VERGISS MEIN NICHT ) "S&H" Translation "Forget Me Not".
    Words surround four petal flower in center.
  • Age : 1903
  • Dimensions :
    • 44" (1.12m) long
    • 17.13" (435mm) tall
    • 5.88" (149mm) face
    • 12.63" (321mm) waist
    • 14.13" x 20" (360 x 508mm) base
  • Weight : 733 lbs. (332.5 kg)

Graceful yet utilitarian lines combined with full functionality mark these as some of the finest forged anvils ever made.

German and Austrian Anvils

No.5 S and H German anvil
No.5 - S and H German Anvil
Another Söding & Halbach anvil in the Greenwood Collection.

S and H anvil

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Rare and beautiful Blacksmiths tools in the collection of Emerald Koch of Austria.

The Greenwood Anvil Collection

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Rare and ancient European and Early American anvils.

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