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Anvils, Amboß, l'enclume, incudine, el yunque, bigornia,
städ, incus, aambeeld, batente

Troyes Maison de l'Outil Anvil Gallery

l'Enclume, (anvil) images from the
Maison de l'Outil (House of Tools) Troyes, France.

The Maison de l'Outil (the House of Tools) in Troyes is a museum and library dedicated to historic and contemporary tools. It is a popular tourist destination in the Champagne and the Ardennes Region of France a short distance East of Paris.

Our contributor Stefaan Meeus, of Belgium recently visited Maison de l'Outil and photographed many of the tools and anvils. He was told there was over 150 anvils in the collection. He did not try to count but took photographs of the most interesting. Since many of the displays are behind glass and flash was necessary he did a very good job. Thank you Stefaan!
Stacked Display of Anvils
Stacked Display of Anvils (12 anvils)
Rare old French and European anvils in a huge display.
Hornless 5th Foot anvil
Tool Collection Displays (8 anvils)
Displays include hundreds of small tools surrounding anvils, bellows and forges.
Hornless 5th Foot anvil
Select Stain Glass Windows from St. Madeleine Cathedral (3 anvils)
Besides the tool museum as a tourist destination Troyes' oldest remaining church, twelfth-century St. Madeleine Cathedral is also a popular place to visit in Troyes.
Austrian Anvil
Anvil Drawings
Drawings made at Maison de l'Outil by Stephaan Meeus
Old French enclume Anvil
1. French Deco Anvil
French Anvil in the alcove (outdoors).
Old French enclume Anvil
2. Arch Side Flat Back Anvil
Two views of a French arch sided anvil.
Old French Nail Makers enclume Anvil
3. French Side Horn Toolmakers Anvil
Early side horn anvil with three feet and a horn on the side.
Old French enclume Anvil
4. Unusual Old French Anvil
French Anvil molding trimmed feet and center arch.
Old French enclume Anvil
5. Old Wrought French Anvil
French Anvil .
Old French enclume Anvil
6. French Built-Up Anvil
French Anvil that clearly shows the well defined build up method of the time.
Old French enclume Anvil
7. French "Fifth Foot" Anvil
French Anvil with added "fifth" foot.
Old French enclume Anvil
8. Mousehole File Makers Anvil
English Mousehole Forge file makers anvil and tooling.
Old French enclume Anvil
9. French Side Horn Anvil
Another French side horn anvil.
Old French enclume Anvil
10. Primitive Old French Anvil
Very old primitive anvil with side braces.
Old French Nail Makers enclume Anvil
11. Heavy French Nailmakers Anvil
Unusual heavy round stake block with nail makers anvil and tools.
File Cutters Anvil
12. File Cutter's Anvil
Typical file cutter's anvil with lead insert, hammer and chisel.
Old French enclume Anvil
Group of three Old French Anvils
A plain sloped anvil and one decorated with fluer delis

Anvil collection images
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