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Volume 26 - Page 2 of 15 June 2002
ABANA Conference 2002
Conference photos by Spencer Meffert
Striker Hammer used by demonstrator Striker Hammer in use at the ABANA conference.

Many modern smiths are women. The availability of power hammers enables many to do work they ordinarily could not (both men and women). The machines also alow them to be more productive.

In our global market the only way for smiths in the developed high wage nations to compete with cheap low wage imports is to be more efficient. Many commercial and artistic smiths in North America and Europe have shown that they can compete globaly while producing a superior product if they are properly equiped. It is tough, but it can be done.
Chinese Hammers and SPAM
This article addressed a problem that has apparently stopped being a problem so it has been removed. The fact is, if you are spammed by a legitimate business you need to report it. Tell the press in your industry. It works.

But you must also do your part and NEVER EVER reply to spam of any kind. The vast majority is criminal activity. People looking for your personal information, account numbers, ways to steal from you. If you THINK it is from a legitimate business then let an expert look into it. Spam is often disguised to look like it has come from the government, your family, your bank, your cable or phone company. ANY mail asking for login or ID information is NOT legitimate.

Kiwi's New Zealand Gambit: BILLING FOR SPAM - The result of our Sysop (Kiwi) Andrew Hooper's hacking trial was that a precedent was set in New Zealand law. The court found that a cost could be applied to ANY uninvited change in the contents of a computer's data no matter how small. In Kiwi's case the cost was set at a laughable 4 cents!

This was the result of the court trying to stretch current law to fit a "crime" that the law did not cover. However, the precedent WAS SET.

That means that unsolicited SPAM which deposits itself on your computer in New Zealand is illegal AND a cost can be applied to its removal. Since Kiwi is a highly skilled and highly paid computer professional he bills the SPAMers. Interest builds on the debt and the amount grows larger with every new SPAM.

Although no one has tested it, this IS a legal debt in New Zealand. Collecting debts internationally is problematic but any of the debtors property that passes through New Zealand could possibly have a lien placed on it and be seized until the debt is settled OR there is a new court decision. Which could take years. . . I'm sure many laugh when they receive the bill. . but it wont be funny when they land in court. Someone WILL!
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June 2002 Edition
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