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Coat of Arms from the town of  Eskilstuna, Sweden
Volume 26 - Page 3 of 15 June 2002
ABANA Conference 2002
The Mästermyer Project
The Mästermyer Project is the replication of the thousand year old tools and hardware found in Gotland Sweden known as The Mästermyer Find.
The project was organized on TheForge mail group. Dozens of blacksmiths volunteered to make copies of these ancient works.
Participant List 

Left, Display at ABANA conference.

Photos by Spencer Meffert.
Copyright (c) 2002
Mästermyer Project
Project Background by Ralph Douglas.
Immediatetly after the 2000 ABANA conference in Flagstaff, AZ a group of us who are regular posters on ABANA's 'theforge' were talking (via theforge) about how ABANA should sponser some kind of display. We decided that we should do something ourselves and someone who had just gotten the Mastermyr book was talking about the find. It was decided that we would list the pieces and try to get folks to commit to doing pieces. We started out with about 30 folks volunteering.
Our guidelines were as follows:
  • Need to use wrought iron or Pure Iron so as to be as close as possible to original metalurgical content.
  • Pieces should be made to look as if they had just fallen in the bog( i.e. not as found, but as useable pieces).
  • After the conference collection is to be placed in a museum and not into a private collectors collection. If not in a public display pieces to be returned to makers.
         As of now, we are going thru phase two (new phase) which is to complete the items not yet made.
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