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Volume 26 - Page 7 of 15 June 2002
ABANA Conference 2002
Masterpiece Lock - Continued
Steps in forging parts of the key Drawings by Michael McCarthy
Forging progresses as does many distinct shapes. Stock is isolated by fullering then it is shaped, followed by more definition by fullering.

The key is made of three seperate forgings, the cap, body and bit. There are also two pierced disks to fill in the side holes.
A unique feature of this key is the clover leaf hole in the barrel (step 7 below) that fits over the pin. Both the pin and bushing seen above must be free to rotate with the key. This is a type of "warding" that prevents other keys from fitting the lock and helps guard against picking which these old style locks were subject to.
A tricky piece of drifting or broaching to make an unusual shaped hole.
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