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Volume 27 - Page 9 of 14 September 11, 2002
Summer's End 2002
Jefferson Smiths (CBA) Hammer-In at Hanley Farm
"Pubber's" - Frequent users of anvilfire's Slack-Tub Pub Chat
Speaking of sharing information . Several members of anvilfire’s Slack-Tub –Pub were in attendance. Dave Atwood, Firewalker, Ironwolf, Mike-Hr, Coalforge and Ralph.
Terry AKA Pirate Terry AKA Pirate

At various other stations nails and chain was demoed as well as the making of a steer head. Also there was a bit of glass slumping demoed. In fact the steer head was given red glass eyes. Unfortunately, the picture I took was too blurry to be of any use. It appeared as if the whole concept of the glass with ironwork has taken many of the Jefferson Smiths by storm. I know many of the folks I spoke with said that they were going to go home and do some experimenting of their own.
Mikes Portable Blacksmithing Table Mikes Portable Blacksmithing Table

Now while I never actually saw Dave Atwood at a forge I did see him going from station to station and to the tailgate area. At first I thought he might be trying to avoid working or sweating, but then I realized all he was doing was insuring folks were having a good time, as well as keeping safe.
"Altoids" flux

Like I said earlier there were not too many scheduled demos, but there were a lot of talk sessions. Making new friends or renewing old friendships. That is one of the main reasons I really enjoy the small hammer-in. No pressure, not rush, just a bunch of folks who all enjoy similar things and like to share knowledge of them.
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