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Volume 29 - Page 2 of 6 May 12, 2003
West Virginia Armour-In
Parkersburg, WV, May 3 - 4
Booty Our weekend started at the local "can't miss it" first Saturday flea market where we were lucky and picked up a Whitney punch, several hammers and a pair of hog-ring pliers at bargain prices. Not a bad way to start a "smithy" weekend and all the tools were applicable to armoring. Later at the Armour-In we would purchase the blow-horn stake. space
Charley Pierce the guru's apprentice took advantage of the opportunity to learn to make a set of shoulder armour. Here is cutting blanks on the Beverly Shear.

Charley had assistance from Ted, Allen and "Clang". He could not have asked for better instructors.
Collection of Blanks

Everyone was taking advantage of the Beverly Shear and cutting blanks. This is probably one of the most productive tools in the armoury.
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May 12, 2003 Edition
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