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Volume 29 - Page 5 of 6 May 12, 2003
West Virginia Armour-In

Allen Melting Brass

An oxy-acetylene torch was used to melt the brass in a jeweler's pouring bowl. A permanent clamp on handle was used instead of pouring tongs but either would work.

As the brass was melted it was fluxed with borax and stired with a graphite rod.
space Pouring happened so fast it was hard to get a photo. Allan tossed the metal into the mold more than pour it.

The flask in use here is a two piece cast iron unit with dowel pins and a pouring cup for the sprue.

Among the items poured were decorative fluer-de-lis, rosette and skull rivits to use on armor.
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May 12, 2003 Edition
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