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Volume 29 - Page 4 of 6 May 12, 2003
West Virginia Armour-In

Louis Kruse AKA "Langdon" raising elbow pieces on a ball stake.

Langdon is another experianced armourer that one could learn a lot from.
Wax Originals and Brass Castings

Allan Bauldree a Kentucky Armourer spent the weekend demonstrating casting brass parts. Wax originals were carved and then cast using "Delft Clay" a proprietary casting sand used by jewelers.

LEFT: Allan ramming sand into the flask. Tightly packing the sand is key to accurate reproduction of detail and a fine finish.
space Castings for Sutton-Hoo Helmet

The Delft Clay produces a very fine finish that required only light buffing to achieve this finish.

Some of the castings Allan was producing were permanent masters for future castings. Several were "trees" of multiple parts hand molded from one original.
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May 12, 2003 Edition
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