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Volume 30 - Page 2 of 8 May 14, 2003
Carl Jennings
Passes - Another giant has fallen
It is my with great sadness that I inform the comunity of blacksmiths that C. Carl Jennings died today about 4:30 PM PDT. He had just begun his 93rd year. Those of us who knew Carl and his contribution to the artistic development of our trade know what a loss his passing is. God bless you all. Go out to your shops and make somthing beautiful in his memory.
Toby Hickman - Wednesday, 05/14/03 04:30:57 GMT
Carl was a fine, quiet, warm hearted man and a splendid smith. We owe him so much, my heart sinks.
May we do one half as well.
- Pete Fells - Wednesday, 05/14/03 07:45:43 GMT
Dorothy Stiegler dropped me a note this A.M. regarding the passing of Carl Jennings. She said that his personal request was to have us "celebrate life" by putting some flowers is a vase and having them in the house today. Carl was one of three big names who kept the forge flames going when other smiths were converting their smithies into auto repair shops and welding shops. I think of Donald Streeter and Francis Whitaker. I'm sure there were others, but these names come to mind.

In his youth, Carl attended the California School of Arts and Crafts. When I met him, I asked him if they taught blacksmithing there. He said that they did not, but that he took the classes offered, knowing that his direction was to be metalwork.
Frank Turley - Wednesday, 05/14/03 12:30:50 GMT
Another good man gone. Time to ring the anvil again.
Paw Paw - Wednesday, 05/14/03 12:57:35 GMT
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May 14, 2003
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