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Volume 30 - Page 5 of 8 May 16, 2003
Southeast Regional Blacksmith Conference
Steve Kayne and Stephen Feinstein of Euroanvils having a friendly discussion about forged verses cast steel anvils.

Stephen was trying to convince Steve to take home one of his cast anvils to test.
Kayne and Son Van

The whole family was out making sales.

The Kaynes carry almost everything that is in their catalog in their van. See them at Ironfest in Grapevine, TX May 30th and June 1, 2003.
Euroanvils Trailer Load of Anvils from Euroanvils
These were the conference hot sellers. I think they all sold.
The Euroanvil photo by Jock Dempsey The Euroanvil
This was the propotype. More to come. Stephen is working on a 500-550 pound model.
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May 16, 2003 Edition
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