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Volume 30 - Page 4 of 8 May 16, 2003
Southeastern Regional Blacksmith Conference
Mike and Daniel Boone Demonstration
Mike and Dan Boone consulting Mike and Daniel Boone consulting on their first collaborative project. This demo started Friday and was completed Saturday. The finished work was sold at the Saturday night auction for $400.

Both of Daniel's sons, Mike and Tom are blacksmiths. Mike lives in Colarado and Tom in Virginia.
Forged leaves by Mike Boone Pair of Leaves
These were forged on opposite ends of a bar. The bar was left heavy in the center for welding. Then the bar was fullered nearly in two, folded and welded. This produced two large leaves coming out of a smaller bar. All the forge welding Mike did was without flux.
Early Dan Boone Dragon Old Dragon
Dan says this dragon was made some 14 years ago. He has made several hundred since.
Mike and Daniel Boone Mike and Dan Boone
Dragon and Flower Dragon, Leaves and Flower by Mike and Dan Boone.

Due to the fact that these flowers are polinated by this rare species of dragon they have nearly become extinct.

Click image for detail. Photos by Jock Dempsey
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May 16, 2003 Edition
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