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The Old Welder Comics shop tips safety and shop stories by Frank Tabor One bird to another with a cutting torch tip beak.  You say you can drill holes in steel?
"You say you can drill holes in steel?"

This reminds me of the "tin-pecker" we had at our family shop. One summer we started hearing this noise in the shop, braa-ta-tat-tat. . . braa-ta-tat-tat, like an air hammer on sheet metal. We looked and looked for what was making the noise and thought it was one of the shop hands playing a joke. But one day while outside I saw a wood pecker pecking on the tin roof. . braa-ta-tat-tat . . braa-ta-tat-tat . . Mystery solved! But why would a wood pecker peck on sheet metal? Well. . . the old wood rafters had borers and the wood pecker could hear them. Or so I've been told.

The "tin-pecker", just another shop sound.

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"My mouth is watering, I think."

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