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Anvils in America, THE book about anvils

Blacksmithing and metalworking questions answered.

Blacksmithing and Metalworking Tools Historical Preservation.

Order metal and plastic on-line.

Anvils, Amboß Amboss, l'enclume, incudine, el yunque, bigornia,
städ, incus, aambeeld, batente, наковальня, kowadło

Anvils in America, THE book about anvils Anvil Gallery

Anvils, Amboß, Amboss, incudine, el yunque, bigornia, städ, incus, aambeeld, batente, Hay-Budden, Mousehole

Anvils, Amboß, l'enclume, incudine, el yunque, bigornia,
städ, incus, aambeeld, batente, üllö, наковальня, kowadło

Over 480 images of over 300 anvils and stakes from all over the world, American, British, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Bulgarian, ancient and modern. Images from the Lyda-Ferdinand, Prillwitz and Greenwood collections plus several miniature anvil collections, the anvilfire image collection and donated images from our readers. More. . .

If you have local knowedge of specific styles of European anvils we need your help. Many of our anvils are identified as being a style from specific countries or regions. Little is known about the origins of these regional styles or what they should be called.

Thursday Mar 5, 2015 - 10/27
Most 100 to 125 year old anvils are equal to or better than the best modern anvils thus are still "working" anvils. Anvils that age were made when quality and production were at their peak. While there have new been new designs and minor changes there have been no significant improvements in blacksmiths anvils for over a century. Anvils do not start being truly antique until they are nearly 200 years old. One hundred year old anvils are merely "classics". So your Great Grandfather's straight razor and furniture may be antique but his anvil is still state of the art. -guru

Traditional French Anvil
Ancient German Art Anvil
Donated Anvil Images (50 anvils, more as they come)
Attwood Stourbridge from Australia, Stake anvil from the Turley Collection, Three Italian anvils, Russian Stake Anvil, Brooks, Columbian, Vulcan, Arm and Hammer Anvils. . .
* NEW! * 40. Stubs Jewelers Anvil
* NEW! * 41. "White" Multi-Tool Anvil
* NEW! * 42. Kremer Miniture Anvil and Wheelwright Shop
* NEW! * 44. Bulgarian Stake Anvil
* NEW! * 45. European Stake Anvil
* NEW! * 46. Spanish Stake Anvil
* NEW! * 47. S&H No.14 German Anvil
* NEW! * 48. Hay-Budden Yard Art
* NEW! * 49. Fabricated All Steel Anvil Made by 17 year old Canadian.
* NEW! * 50. Monkey Head or Coconut Swage Most unusual tool!
Miniature Anvil Collection
Miniature Anvil Collections (70 mini anvils)
Collections from John Catchings the Sovie estate and MORE.
* NEW! * Kremer Miniture Anvil and Wheelwright Shop

The Greenwood Anvil Collection
The Greenwood Collection (18 anvils - more coming)
Photographs of one of the finest collections in the U.S. including Colonial American and European anvils.
* NEW! *   The Bombed GHH Anvil    A WWII relic, from the GHH factory in Oberhausen Germany. Includes full screen slide show. This anvil is for sale.

The Ferdinand Anvil Collection - 3 Old Berlin Anvils
The Lyda-Ferdinand Collection (17 anvils, more coming)
Rare and ancient European and Early American anvils.
Stacked Display of Anvils at Maison de l'Outil Troyes France
Maison de l'Outil (House of Tools) museum anvils (38 anvils)
Photographs of over two dozen rare anvils, many never seen outside Europe until now.
The Prillwitz Anvil Collection
The Prillwitz Collection (11 anvils, more coming)
Rare and ancient European and Early American anvils.
Dentists Anvil Made by Alex D. Cunny, Cin. OH.
Old Millstone Forge NJ anvils
Old Millstone Forge Anvils (6 anvils)
The Old Millstone Forge Museum anvils.
The anvilfire Image Collection (42 anvils 2 patterns)
Anvil photos by the guru and others collected over a decade.
Includes foundry patterns, rare laptop anvils, two Vanadium Steel anvils and Champion Forge Combination Six-in-One tool with anvil.
* NEW! * Jewelers Anvils
* NEW! * Boxed Foundry Pattern plus pattern definitions
* NEW! * Hardy Tools
* NEW! * Phil Cox Miniatures
* NEW! * Split Foundry Pattern
* NEW! * Sicilian Anvil
* NEW! * Euroanvil Blacksmith Anvil
Beak Horn Stake
Sheet Metal Stakes and Stake Anvils (50 stakes)
Photos and catalog images of stakes of all types plus Stake Names and Uses and a survey and report on Stake Shank Tapers
group of English Stakes
* NEW! * Andy Mason Tool Collection (27 stakes 2 anvils)
Unique English or Continental stakes, another 'S' anvil and an ancient wrought iron stake.
Strange English Mystery Anvil.
The Art & Science of Anvil Design
A new series by Jock Dempsey, Josh Greenwood and other contributors.
[In Development]
NEW! Mystery of the 5th Foot
NEW! Anthropomorphism in Anvil Design
Fisher-Norris Eagle Paper label
Anvils by Type and Brand
Fisher-Norris Eagle, Mousehole, Hay-Budden, Peddinghaus, Grizzly, Sawyers and Cutler's anvils and more.
[In Development]
Swage Blocks (62 Blocks)
The "other" blacksmiths "anvil". A collection of over 50 swage block images plus articles on the history, design and use of swageblocks. Over 3000 years of blocks. Another web gallery by Jock Dempsey the anvilfire guru.
Group of Cone Mandrels Cone Gallery (15 cones)
Another blacksmiths forming tool that is not an anvil.

The Cone and Swage Block project suggested by Fred Holder of the Blacksmiths Gazette finally come to fruition. A dozen cones from a 2,000 pound solid cone to Jewelers Ring mandrels added to the growing collection of swage block images.

NEW!   Wiley & Russell Cone.
Fine example of an old coe with removable tip. Prillwitz Collection.

     Our collection of anvil articles.

Anvil Selection
What type and size anvil do you need? Weight ranges, styles. Links to our other anvil articles.

Anvil Making
Index to our collection of Old and new anvil making articles.
Gallery of DIY and Fabricated anvils
1050 pound anvil by Patrick Nowak
NEW All Steel Fabricated Anvil by 17 year old Canadian Includes CAD drawings.

Finding Anvils Anywhere in the World
How to find anvils or anything else! How "finders" do it.

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