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Edition 37 - Page 13 of 13 Febrero, 2005
Costa Rica Blacksmithing
Molly's Costa Rica Vacation
Molly on a Pineapple plantation

On a business trip with Josh Greenwood we visited a Piná plantation operated by a Mehnonite from Virginia (small world).

We were given an impromptue tour of the farm and got to pick some fresh pineapples. There is nothing like fresh picked fruit. Most of these in the truck are almost overripe and not suitable for export. But they were perfect for eating and we had fresh pipeapple every day for a week!

A pineapple is ready to harvest when it is yellow with a tinge of green around each segment.
  Famous Topiary Gardens at Zarcero

Every major town has a Catedral (chuch) and city square. Each square is different with park benches and often a shelter. Zarcero's is unique. The topiary arches here are free form but there are also monkeys, elephants and a heliocopter!
  Molly with pet parrots

Molly made fast friends with Oscar and Cynthia, the caretakers children. Here their pet parrots are perched on her shoulder.

We watched one pull a cowerie shell from a place mat a crush it to pieces as if it were a nut!
Photo (c) 2005 Molly K. Dempsey   Mother and baby Three Toed Sloth

These slow moving creatures are difficult to locate in the forest. They move so slow they do not attract attention and the moss growing on their fur gives them a green tinge that further helps them to blend in. This is one of several sloths that inhabit Finca Isla.

Molly took hundreds of photographs: 

As time allows they will be posted on her web site,
For more about where we stayed see the tour and links page on
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Costa Rica
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