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Anvils in America, THE book about anvils

Anvil Making, Amboß, Amboss, l'enclume, incudine, el yunque, bigornia,
städ, incus, aambeeld, batente

Anvil Making :

DIY low tech and high tech anvil manufacturing

Almost every blacksmith either starts on a homemade anvil, plays with making RR-rail anvils or has THOUGHT about making anvils. Do-it-yourself types often spend a lot of effort making anvils of various quality. It is not as if anvils are not still made, they are and there are numerous makers, or that good used anvils are not available, they are if anyone looks. But blacksmiths, especially hobbiests like to do things the hard way, so they make anvils.

This is not a manual of how to make an anvil or step by step plans with details such as welding and heat treating. It is some methods and examples of ways to make anvils and how others have done so.

Trenton Anvil Thumbnail Image General Considerations for Making Anvils
How real anvils are made and what features all blacksmiths anvils have. Methods of making fabricated anvils. Tools and skills needed. Notes on concrete.    More . . .
Wireframe drawing of German two piece design. Guru's Anvil Making Sketchbook
Anvils the Guru would like to have time to build. Original design drawings, methods and some unique solutions to construction. Mega anvils, fine art anvils and armourers anvils.    More . . .
Stefaan Meeus Sketchbook Stefaan Meeus Anvil Sketchbook
Traditional and original design drawings    More . . .
Traditional anvil shape from pieces. Pieced Anvil
Our oldest and original anvil making article.    More . . .
Simple Block Anvil Low Cost Anvil
Don't let preconcieved ideas about what an anvil should look like get in the way of having a good usable tool.    More . . .
Unique RR anvil design drawing by Jock Demspey RR-rail and Crane Rail Anvils
Based on our March 2000 iForge article we demonstrate the best ways to make RR-rail anvils.    More . . .
ANvil from scrap shapes Skeleton Anvils
Making anvils from a popular scrap shape.    More . . .
Horn with hardie hole 3 Hardy (Hardie) Holes
Ways to make hardie holes in DIY anvils with and without machining.    More . . .
Anvil Body with hardie hole 3 MORE Hardy (Hardie) Holes
MORE Ways to make hardie holes in DIY anvils with and without machining.    More . . .
Anvil corner radius diagram Radiusing Anvil Corners
About edge radii and chart of suggested dimensions.    More . . .
Small production anvil from plate Flame Cut Stake Anvil
A production design by Jock Dempsey anvilfire guru.    More . . .
Medieval Classic Anvil by Jock Dempsey Modern Medieval Classic Anvil
An orginal design by Jock Dempsey anvilfire guru. More . . .
Simple DIY anvil Anvil made by BurntForge
Italian style fabricated anvil. More . . .
Beautifully made German pattern anvil Anvils made by 16 year old Canadian
Two anvils made by Daniel Boettger of Canada. A Medieval Pentagonal and late German style. More . . .
Ugly torched anvil blanks How NOT to make an anvil
The wrong way. . . More . . .
Mile Long Anvil and More Gallery of DIY anvils
User built and Do-It-Yourself anvils.   More . . .
Industrial Swage Block Image Fabricating a Swage Block
While not technically an anvil some consider them such. Making one fits in with the techniques listed above. More . . .
Fabricated Cone Mandrel
A low use tool that is handy to have. More . . .
Anvil Horn Maching Machining a Conical Anvil Horn
One step in manufacting anvils in a modern shop. More . . .

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