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Long before there was an anvilfire, I wrote the story of my first anvil. Since then I have answered two questions on anvilfire as stories about 18th century American Colonial era blacksmiths.

The Old Welder by Frank Tabor, Comics - Safety - Shop Tips NEW! Comic of the Week featuring The Old Welder by Frank Tabor

Myths and Legends
Old Woodcut, St. Eligius snaring the Devil by his nose with his tongs.
Legend of the Ringing Anvil - or -
Why We Ring Our Anvil
Whence comes the luck of the horseshoe? As told by Jim "Paw-Paw" Wilson. His version of the St. Eligius / St. Dunstan myths.

Who is the "Jack" in "Jack-O-Lantern"?
As told by Jim "Paw-Paw" Wilson.

The Custom of Weddings Over Anvils
As told by Jim "Paw-Paw" Wilson.

The Legends of St. Eligius and St. Dunstan
Article by Jock Dempsey

NEW! The Blacksmith and the Devil
Translated from the Greek. An unusual story where evil triumphs over good.
The Blacksmith's Dilemma
A Ugandan folk tale from African Myths and Legends, retold by Kathleen Arnott hosted on Whootie Owl's Stories to Grow By. A children's sories website. (an off-site link)

The Smith and The Bible

"Behold, I have created the blacksmith who blows the coals in the fire, who brings forth an instrument for his work;"
Isaiah, chapter 54, verse 16.
Serial Features
The Revolutionary Blacksmith
By Jim "Paw-Paw" Wilson. Historical Fiction novella in progress. Look for a new chapter every month. Illustrated by Jock Dempsey, anvilfire guru and Walt Sherrill.

Ray Smith's Notebook of Metalworking Orgins
From the collection of British author Ray Smith. .   NEW!
Feature Stories

The Removal   NEW!
Comedic poetry about a retiree and his blacksmith neighbors. Provided by Mark Cortino

An Excursion
Cub reporter Gronk Pensmudge hears of a nearby blacksmith shop and investigates. . .

Victor Vera, Man of Metal
Biographical sketch of Victor Vera, one time gunsmith for Pancho Villa by Frank Turley

James Nasmyth : Autobiography
Autobiography of one the all time great inventors. Nasmyth invented the steam hammer, lathe reversing mechanism, shaper, safety ladle and more!

Mean Pumpkin face  A Samhain Story
Celtic new year ghost story by J.M. Gerlinsky, Chokecherryforge, Wilkie, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Blacksmith's Twelve Commandments
Shop Rules composed by Quenchcrack, Chopper and PPW,
Graphic formatted by Mark Parkinson.

For Bruce
A tribute to a friend and master smith by Terry Riske. From the V.Hammer-In.

The Anvil Charm
A story by Jim Moran, Bethlehem Forge, Delmar, NY

A poem by J.M. Gerlinsky, Chokecherryforge, Wilkie, Saskatchewan.

Tales from the Leipzig Blacksmith shop
A story by J.M. Gerlinsky, Chokecherryforge, Wilkie, Saskatchewan.

A Blacksmith's Prayer
Adapted by Ray Smith, From the Ray Smith Notebook of Metalworking Orgins.

Henry Haus Blacksmith Shop
Historical fiction by Tim Cisneros about the Henry Haus Blacksmith Shop, Pope, California, USA.

John Smith and the Devil
A Southern Appalachian Folk Tale as told by Alan Longmire

A Blacksmith of 1776
By Jock Dempsey. Historical Fiction. The inspiration for the novel by Jim Wilson.

A Day in the Life of a Blacksmith's Apprentice
By Jock Dempsey. Historical Fiction

My First Anvil - On becoming a blacksmith
By Jock Dempsey. A true story.

Adopted from the rules of Bruce "Atli" Blackistone, Oakley Forge.

The Village Blacksmith
The classic poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Under The Spreading Cyber Tree
Topical poetry by Robert 'Quenchcrack' Nichols

The King of Craftsmen
An old story defining the King of Crafts. From the collection of Jim Paw-Paw Wilson.

The Blacksmith's 12 Days of Christmas
Humor? Annonymous on request. .

The Blacksmith's Christmas Gift
Mike Hricziscse, 2001, CSI

The Blacksmith Duel
Southern folklore about honor and humor.


Do you tell a good blacksmith story? Have a version of one of the blacksmith myths? Send it to us and we will publish it here.

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