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International Ceramics Products Anvil Gallery

The Lyda-Ferdinand Anvil Collection -  Amboß, incudine, el yunque, bigornia
Images from Ken and Lenny Lyda-Ferdinand's signifficant collection of fine antique and modern anvils. Photos by the Ferdinands.
Unique Cutlers workholder anvil
1. Unusual Cutlers' Anvil
Cutlers tool hOlding anvil.
Chainmakers anvil
2. Chainmakers Anvil
Traditional anvil with chainmaking tooling hole and support.
Ancient Stake anvil as seen in Diego Velazquezs The Forge of Vulcan.
3. Stake Anvil
Classic European Stake Anvil from. . .
4. Austrian Anvil Group
Early Austrian anvils . . .
5. 1813 French Anvil
Decorated 1813 French? Anvil.
6. Antique Church Window Anvil
Old anvil with simple lines.
7. Church Window
Large church window European anvil.
8. Stepped Foot Church Window Anvil
Large stepped foot anvil with small side exit hardy hole.
9. Primitive Hornless Anvil
Well worn heavy primitive anvil . .
English made continental double horn anvil
10. English Double Horn
Export anvil by English manufacture
Very large Hay-Budden American made blacksmiths anvil
11. Large Hay-Budden
Mint condition American made Hay-Budden anvil.
SAC MNOSz1300 cast steel anvil
12. Hungarian Cast Steel Austrian Style Anvil
Mint condition cast steel anvil made in Hungary. Company info, casting details and core drawing.
Large block anvil with upsetting table
13. Unusual Heavy Block Anvil
Unusual old anvil of unknown use or origin. Crowned face and heavy upsetting table.
Anvil Swage
14. Anvil Swage
Unusual swage block with horn.
Tall 1821 anvil
15. Unusual Primitive Antique Anvil
Anvil with features that are not typical of professionaly made versions. Marked 1821.
High Art Anvil
16. High Art Anvil
Anvil as sculpture. As much art as tool.
North German Anvil
17. Classic North German Anvil
A large 733 pound (333 kg) anvil.

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