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Antiques and Collectibles, Old Brass Souvenir Anvils ebay.

Anvils in America, THE book about anvils

Anvils, Amboß Amboss, l'enclume, incudine, el yunque, bigornia,
städ, incus, aambeeld, batente, наковальня Anvil Gallery

Miniature Anvil Collections

Antique and collectible miniature anvil samples
Miniature advertising, bench, commemorative, decorative, jewelers' and souvenir anvils.

Folks have been making and collecting miniature anvils for a long time. The majority of miniature anvils are salesman's giveaway or advertising anvils. Others are decorative desk items or paper weights. Many are souvenir anvils from tourist locations. A few are jewelers' or working bench anvils. Many are fine art, some are antique collectibles.

Miniature anvils are made of aluminium, brass, bronze, cast iron, gold, silver and zinc. Some are plated, many are painted. Some are produced in the thousands while others are one of a kind. There is a brisk business in these collectibles on ebay and they are found in many tool and antique collections.

Miniature anvils are still being produced in all categories, advertising, gifts, souvenirs, collectibles and hand made art.

Miniatures at blacksmithing event Miniature Anvil Collection - SOFA Quadstate, Troy, Ohio, September 2003 - anvilfire NEWS

Minature Samson anvil and literature

NEW!   Rare Samson Minature Anvil with steel face plate
Rare miniature and Samson literature.

Minature anvil and shop

NEW!   Kremer Minature Anvil and Blacksmith Shop
A complete miniature wheelwright blacksmith shop with forge, bellows, benches, hand crank drill press, wagon and hand tools.
Group of antique brass collectibles.

John Catchings Collection (13 anvils)
A select group of very fine anvils from the John Catchings collection. John was a contributor to Anvils in America and has been involved in metalworking collectibles for a long time.
Antique and new miniature anvils.

George Sovie Collection (30 anvils)
A selection of anvils from the estate of George Sovie. Includes antiques, a fine WWI "trench art" anvil from Nova Scotia, jewelers' anvils and many others.
Antique and new miniature anvils.

De Saint Uby Mini Collection (11 anvils)
A French mini anvil collection.
Hand made art anvil on stand.

Dale Hanchet Miniature Anvil and Stand
From the Burnt Forge collection.
Hand forged real mini anvil.

"Real" mini anvil
Hand forged steel anvil with welded steel face. Photos from Burnt Forge.
Phil Cox mini anvils.
Two Phil Cox Mini Anvils
Hand forged and polished steel miniature anvils seen at a blacksmithing convention.
Miniature Anvil Collection.

   Nippulini's Mini Anvils (7 anvils)
  A row of miniature anvils.
Miniature Anvil Collection.

Friedrichsfeld Trench Art Anvil
  A hand made aluminium miniature anvil from World War I Germany.
Dentist Anvil

Dentists Anvil
Made by Alex (Alexander) D. Cunny, Cincinnati, OH 1890's. Prilliwitz Collection.
Two Jewelers anvils Jewelers' Anvils
Currently available jewelers' anvils. Links to others.
Antique jewelers tool.

18th Century Jewelers Anvil
Small hardened and tempered jewelers anvil from the Josh Greenwood Collection.
Stubs Jewelers anvil icon

Stubs Jewelers Anvil
Small hardened and tempered jewelers anvil from the Macdara ÓhUallacháin Graham collection.
Hay-Budden Salsmans Sample

Hay-Budden Salesman's Sample
Bronze/Copper plate over zinc (potmetal) sample mini-anvil.

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Misc and Donated anvil images

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