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Antiques and Collectibles, Old Brass Souvenir Anvils ebay.

Anvils in America, THE book about anvils

Antiques and Collectibles, Old Brass Souvenir Anvils ebay.

Anvils, Amboß Amboss, l'enclume, incudine, el yunque, bigornia,
städ, incus, aambeeld, batente, наковальня Anvil Gallery

Miniature Anvil Collections

Sovie Miniature Anvil Collection

Three miniature anvils from the George Sovie collection.  A Grizzly, a Record Sheffield and a spceial from English and Mersick

From the George Sovie Estate

Photos provided by Ken Skaught, Medallion Estates, digitally processed by Jock Dempsey.

These miniature anvils are a select few from the collection of George Sovie. George was a fur buyer, trap supplier, past president of the Washington Trappers Association and collector of various items. George died November 29, 2010.

We were asked to help appraise George's collection of over 100 miniature anvils and were sent photos to do so. In general this was the collection of an unsophisticated collector but there were a few interesting pieces.

Miniature anvils are made for a variety of purposes. Most are advertising pieces, some are tourist souvenirs, other commemorative pieces and a few small bench and jeweler's anvils.

The Quality and value of miniature anvils vary a great deal. The best are beautifully designed and the highest quality of fine metalwork, the worst ugly designs that are poorly made. The best often sell for thousands of dollars. There are none of that class in this collection but there are a few gems. The worst sell for a few dollars each. This collection has several of these. The most common are the mass produced and machined stamped.

16 entries, 27 anvils.

English Mersick New Haven Conn.

1.   English & Mersick Co. Advertising Anvil
An interesting little anvil the late 1800's
WWI Wooden Trench Art Anvil.

2.   WWI Trench Art Anvil
A hand carved wooden anvil made by a prisoner of war in a camp at Amherst Nova Scotia.
Three Shield Anvils

3.   Three Shield Anvils
Tourist souvenir anvils.
Red Grizzly Min Anvil

4.   Grizzly Mini Anvil
Grizzly Tools 2 pound mini bench anvil.
Blue Record Sheffiend England anvils

5.   Record Advertising Anvil
Advertising anvils made by Record of Sheffield England.
Two Bill Gichner Anvils

6.   Two Bill Gichner Anvils
Advertizing anvils made by and for the late Bill Gichner's Iron Age Antiques.

7.   Gill Fahrenwald Hay-Buddens
Three new mini "Hay-Buddens", one marked "Loaded for Bear" with a bear head and another "J.Deere 1937" manufactured by Gill Fahrenwald.

8.   Salesman Gift Anvils
Farm supply and equipment anvils. Case, Massie Fergusen, Oliver, Allis Chalmers and International Harvestor.

9.   Common Brass Advertising Anvils
These "To Forge our Friendship" anvils are made by the thousands for hundreds of companies.

10.   Gretna Green Souvenir Anvil
From the marrying town in Scotland.

11.   Bush/Zenith Jeweler's Anvil
Smaller than many souvenir anvils these jeweler's anvils often appear in collections.

12.   French Jeweler's Anvil
A two piece anvil and stand as commonly made today.

13.   Hand Made Jeweler's Anvil
A poorly finished hand made jeweler's anvil.

14.   Portland Forge Anvil
There are many ugly and poorly made advertising anvils. This is one example.

15.   Zaugg Brass Anvil
One of many hand made anvils made by individuals, usualy with their own name.

16.   John Deere Parts Expo Anvil
Made for the 1990 John Deere aftermarket parts confernce and expo.

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