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Volume 34 - Page 5 of 37 July 7, 2004
Camp Fenby June 2004
Avenue Maryland, Oakley Farm
Dave's Silver Smithing Class  Rings and other jewelery were made using silver wire. Various techniques were discussed.
Ren-Faire Junk Yard Hammer Stump Sizing the Ren-Faire JYH anvil stump. Ren-Faire Junk Yard Hammer Joinery Ren-Faire Junk Yard Hammer joinery
Ren-Faire Junk Yard Hammer Anvil Setting the anvil on the stump. Oars are good for things other than rowing. I spent most of my time making the drawings and figuring out how the available parts were to fit together (right). The Ren-Faire Junk Yard Hammer (JYH).

This project has been in progress for about four years or more. I or Josh Greenwood supplied the 350+ pound hunk of steel for the anvil and Paw-Paw supplied the 5.25:1 gear motor. Bruce supplied new salt treated sills and 200 year old timbers from the meat house that the Pecan tree fell on.

Jock Dempsey AKA - guru
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July 7, 2004 Edition
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