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Volume 34 - Page 8 of 37 July 7, 2004
Camp Fenby June 2003 (late posting)
Avenue Maryland, Oakley Farm
Wood Fired Kiln Wood Fired Kiln 

This kiln was built from below ground (a fire pit) up. Pieces to fire were placed in the kiln as it was built. Then it was wood fired for about 20-24 hours. Yes, this is one of those jobs you have to stay up all night for. . .

Almost every year at Fenby there is some kind of experimental recreation going on.
Opening the Kiln The firing went fairly well but was not quite as hot as needed. After many smokey hours a length of stove pipe was added to the vent and then there was sufficent draft to burn right. However, so much time and fuel had been spent that the firing was not at temperature long enough to fully vitrify the pieces. Loom Weights These loom weights exploding damaged other pieces. Thick sections like these need to dry for weeks and then be fired VERY slowly. Even though these felt bone dry they had too much moisture content.
Beehive baking oven Behive Baking Oven
I do not know if this experiment was ever completed. To use this oven a roaring fire is built in it to heat the masonry walls. Then the ashes are swept out and bread placed inside to bake from the stored heat.

Projects at Camp Fenby vary greatly from year to year. The first year I attended there was a slew of blacksmiths with tents and forges. In two consecutive years following, pewter casting was done by two different jewelers. I did lost wax (failing miserably) one year and used the Delft Clay (or Petrobond) the following years. There have been bow making classes, various weaving classes and wood working classes. A laid back, fun event!
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July 7, 2004 Edition
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