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Volume 34 - Page 9 of 37 July 7, 2004
ABANA Conference
Richmond, Kentucky - EKU Campus
Bob Bergman with KA hammer Wednesday, Setup Day   Started out overcast and comfortably cool from the previous nights thunderstorms. Several vendors were setup early and demonstrating their products. Among them was Bob Bergman, Jere Kirkpartick and Uri Hofi. Others, including the British contingent were seting up their demos.

British Blacksmiths Above, the British smiths planning their gate project.

Left, Bob Bergman on the KA Hammer.

Flypress die Above, Weld fabricated dies on a flypress and the resultant candle cup.
Larry Zoeller Forge Larry Zoeller is here with gas forge burner parts (I bought some flares) and completed gas forges.

One of the interesting features on the forge was borrowed from the Hoffman forge and that is the adjustable height and removable back door.
Among the component vendors is Rik Fer with Italian components and sub-assemblies.

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July 7, 2004 Edition
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